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Juridical service



1. Ragistration and foundation companies

To establish and to register companies.

2. Clerical work improvement

We offer service of a professional and a practician lawyer, who will consult you about judicial issues and settle your business correspondence, including drawing up a contract with clients, purchasers, exporters, importers, employees and business partners. He/ She will create an effective system for ruling and registering the staff. Also, He / she will make business letters and individual judicial acts, meeting reports and other documents will be done as well. At last, he /she will create a registration system for incoming and given documents.

3. Protection their interests, who are involved in a tax’s and a custom-house’s controversies.

Financial Service


Financial  Analysis

    Analysing  a  financial condition and a  profitability, creation  of an  effective financial control system.

2. Preparation documents to get bank credits.

    Preparation documents, such as : a business-plan, a profit-loss calculation,  an  analysis for  financial risks, and  registers for  money turnover.

3. Marketing Research

    Reaserch  customers and a  marketing space; govern some marketing information and data about users;  strategic planning for company , to be more concrete: to  determine  mission of the  company, to project goals for  company and to create a business paper-case.

Advice Service


Written and oral consultations in bookkeepinig colculations, accounts, custom-house and tax rating, as well as, in economic-financial activities, and in other spheres.
Juridicial consultations for buying and realizing immovable property, and other judicial operations about mentioned issue.
Consultations about author’s and contiguous rights. As well, consultations about how to get licences and permissions.
Consultations in case of bancruptcy, liquidation, coalescence or reorganization. Assistance in registration a juridicial documentation.

Auditing Service


1. Audit for financial calculations

   Annual Audit _ An annual check for  finantial documentations based on a contract. Checking a bookkeeping   calculations, calculations for  primaty documents, and other information about documents, reflecting financial-economic activities. As well as, giving a corresponding and   written conclusion to the client.

   Monthly Audit _ Checking  a current  financial documentation, based on  a contract. Consultations and recommendations in the  registration and the  taxation sphere. We will control your  custom-house and registration board to be made correctly. Moreover, at the end of the year , there also will be given  the written conclusion about  annual financial calculations, it  includes :the  balance,  the profit-loss calculation, calculations about money turnover, and  the capital balance.

2.  Estimation _ of   iImmovable and a mobile property.

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